Monday, 17 October 2016

How to propose your girl in style –

      1.       Everyone loves to be featured on the big screen. So, how about proposing your lady love in the interval of a romantic movie? She can’t help but say a yes ;)

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2.       Propose your girl by expressing your love to her on a banner towed with the help of a drone. Get flower showering done while proposing to her. Use the red carpet to make her enter your life, forever.

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3.       Fireworks always works. Burn every letter to stand out from the crowd, and express your love to your love.
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4.       Make your partner pop every balloon, to dedicate a special message proposing to her. This will create excitement and will keep her engaged.

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5.       Put on your best clothes and turn your terrace into a romantic place. The beauty of the sky will create the perfect night to capture your special moment.

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6.       Propose her with a message on the Digital Hoarding. Every girl loves attention. Show her your love infront of the city.

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7.       Roses and letters never go out of fashion. Write a personalized message to convey your feelings and propose to your girl. 

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8.       How about going retro while proposing your girl? Book an AC Horse Carriage to create the perfect atmosphere to feel in the generation of 80s and make an evergreen proposal.

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9.       Do it the classy way. Book your Limo to take her on a ride and propose her inside (You know you don’t need to worry about the space. Don’t you? ;) )

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10.   Express your feelings by getting a professional violin artist to perform for your beloved. The Red Carpet entry will set the mood, the slate board can convey the message.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

10 romantic goals for newly married, madly in love couples –

1. Get the feel of Kashmir in Calcutta. Go on a shikara ride with your loved one to spend the night in the most romantic way possible. 

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2.       Get a perfect wedding album made. A photoshoot that will increase the love between the love birds.

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3.       Put on your best clothes and turn your terrace into a romantic place. The beauty of the sky will create the perfect night to capture your special moment and will give you the perfect atmosphere to spend some quality time together.

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4.       The couples should tighten their dance shoes because now they can have private dance sessions that will increase the love between partners, getting them more closer than ever.

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5.       Spend your time in the most luxurious manner. Charter a Yacht and see the mesmerizing view of Kolkata.

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6.       Do it the desi way. Go on a horse carriage to enjoy the slow ride with never ending conversations. Enjoy the music and feel the pleasant weather of Kolkata.

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7.       Submerge yourself in the private Jacuzzi room and enjoy the most beautiful stay at the Swissottel. Strengthen your bond more than ever.

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8.       What can be better than a couple Spa? Have a lifetime experience of a full body massage in a single room. Musical surprise followed by it.

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9.       Make your date a little more than perfect. Spend your time in a special way with your special one to experience a delightful moment.

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10.   Make your long drives more romantic than ever. Get the car decorated with your loved ones pictures, and go take the highway ;)