Saturday, 2 July 2016

The One with Our Story

For any new venture, the starting-up story is one of the most interesting ones. And we are no exception. While getting complimented on the idea of our enterprise, we have been asked on numerous occasions, "what makes you work on this particular concept?" Now, we think, it's the time to answer it.

1. The need to feel special is innate -  Human beings are social animals. We are dependent on our closed ones not only for our materialistic needs but also for our emotional well-being. The desire to feel special, to know that we matter to others, is one of the most common humans. We strive to achieve some special status n the eyes of others; how we are viewed by others matters to us. One way of knowing that we are special is when people treat us differently than they treat others. When we are singled out for special treatment, given special privileges, receive special favours, we feel special and loved. This helps us strengthen our bonds with our loved ones and makes us really happy.

2. Life is too short to not celebrate - Life is to short to remain mundane and busy throughout. Birthdays and anniversaries are extraordinary special days which breaks into the monotone of our everyday lives and calls for a celebration. 'Cause when we look back from our deathbed, it would be these moments of celebration that would really matter!

3. Experiences leave a lasting impression - Researchers say experiences make people happier than do possessions as they tend to be more unique and less comparable than material goods. Experiential purchases are also more associated with identity, connection and social behaviour. It's kind of counter to the logic that if you pay for an experience like a vacation, it will be over and gone; but if you buy a tangible thing, a couch, atleast you'll have it for a long time. Actually most of us have a pretty intense capacity for adaptation, where we stop appreciating things to which we're constantly exposed. Clothes, cars, phones, couches et cetera, just become background. It's the fleetingness of experiential purchases that endears us to them.

4. Spreading love and happiness is our absolute aim -  The world wants and craves for love, yet we hesitate on extending a love gesture to our fellow mate. This has made us wonder for long that despite wanting love ourselves, we behave differently with others. Our utmost belief in the quote "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you" has given us the vigour to start our venture. With the sole motto to spread happiness and love, we wish to make the world a better place to live in!

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